Holo Oak

Client Film

One action live film depicting the entire holo lense experience as perceived by the user and another one showcasing the Holo Oak 3D racing augmented experience athe the MILAN Design Week.


ROLE: Film director / Editor / VFX

SOUNDTRACK: Audionetwork /  studio voice capture

PROJECT: We've developed the project from scratch at DASSAULT SYSTEMES, including building the 3D assets, coding the entire application and writing the story. The challenge was to take over a very new technology on the market and working with very minimal resources. As a film director I wanted to express the challenge it is for the driver and technicians to make a pit stop. I wanted to show how time is an important factor and how it stresses the entire crew, including the user. The whole project was shot in 4k and put together in a very short time in order to deliver the video for the automobile festival. The movies were showcased at the the Ligier booth accompanied with the actual augmented experience.